Write the Commands of a Target (write)

write [target [[filename|**here*]]]

Use this to write the command portion of a target with remake`s internal variables expanded. If a filename is given that is the file where the expanded commands are written. If the filename is `here then it is not written to a file but output inside the debugger as other debugger commands behave. And if no file name is given a filename based on the target name is created.


$ remake -X -f tests/spec/example/simple.Makefile
Reading makefiles...
Updating makefiles....
Updating goal targets....
-> (/tmp/remake/tests/spec/example/simple.Makefile:2)
remake<0> write
File "/tmp/all.sh" written.
remake<1> w all here
## /src/external-vcs/github/rocky/remake/tests/spec/example/simple.Makefile:2
## all:

#cd /src/external-vcs/github/rocky/remake
echo all here