How to install

From a Package

Repology maintains a list of various bundled remake packages. Below are some specific distributions that contain remake.

At the time this documentation was built, here is status that they provide:


Check the link above for more up-to-date information.


On Debian systems, and derivatives, remake can be installed by running:

$ sudo apt-get install remake

The latest version may not yet be included in the archives. If you are running a stable version of Debian or a derivative, you may need to install remake from the backports repository for your version to get a recent version installed.


On OSX systems, you can install from Homebrew or MacPorts.

$  brew install remake

From Source


Go to sourceforge and find the most recent version and download a tarball of that.

$ tar -xpf remake-xxx.tar.bz2
$ cd remake-xxx
$ ./
$ make && make test
$ make install # may need sudo


Many package managers have back-level versions of this debugger. The most recent versions is from the github.


To build from sources you need:

  • a previous version of remake or GNU make
  • A C compiler like gcc or clang
  • gettext
  • GNU _Readline

Optionally you may want:

  • Guile version 2.0 or greater

Additionally if installing from git you need:

  • git (duh)
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • autopoint
  • gettext to process the language-customizaton files in the po director

and optionally:

  • gzip and lzip (to compress the tarball)

Here is a apt-get command you can use to install on Debian-ish systems:

$ sudo apt-get install git gcc pkg-config autoconf automake autopoint gettext libreadline-dev make guile-2.0 texinfo lzip

Here is a yum/dnf command for Redhat/CentOS:

$ sudo yum install git gcc pkgconfig autoconf automake gettext readline-devel make guile lzip

# on CentOS 7 and later, autopoint is part of gettext-devel
$ sudo yum install git gcc pkgconfig autoconf automake gettext gettext-devel readline-devel make guile lzip

Here is a pkg command for FreeBSD:

$ sudo pkg install git gcc pkgconf autotools automake gettext gmake readline rsync guile2 lzip wget

Here is a pkg_add command for OpenBSD as, root:

$ pkg_add install git pkgconf autoconf-2.69p2 automake-1.16.1 gettext-tools ggrep gmake readline rsync-3.1.3 guile2 lzip wget

To build documentation you need:

Add that to the apt-get or yum command above.

Simplified approach

$ $SHELL ./
$ make && make check

This performs the step below steps up to but not including “Building”.

Creating and running configure script

$ autoreconf -f -i
$ patch -p0 < po/ # this step is optional
$ ./configure --enable-maintainer-mode "$@"
$ make po-update
$ (cd doc && make stamp-1 stamp-vti)

Updating language-translation text substitutions

After running configure run:

$ make po-update

to pull in the latest translation strings.

TeXinfo mess

$ (cd doc && make stamp-1 stamp-vti)


So the full sequence is:

$ cd remake*
$ autoreconf -f -i
$ patch -p0 < po/ # this step is optional
$ ./configure
$ make po-update
$ (cd doc && make stamp-1 stamp-vti)
$ make && make check
$ make install # may need sudo


The main targets to remove remake are:

  • uninstall - removes files created via make install or removes installation. Since some files
  • clean - removes files created via make or make all
  • distclean - more aggressively removes any files that are not part of git

Therefore to remove file installed via make install:

$ make uninstall # ;-)